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  • On-Site Safety Audit
    One of our experienced safety consultants will perform a walkthrough filling out one of our exclusive safety audit forms designed to detect non-compliance issues.
    Gain Peace of Mind!
    Detect the most common unsafe conditions, employee training/certification needs, outdated/missing documentation, and reduce the likeliness of OSHA citations
  • Affordable Certifications
    All our certification programs are in compliance with OSHA/DOSH standards.
    Industrial Truck
    One of the most common citations is having an uncertified employee driving an Industrial Truck!
  • Seminars and formal training
    At Safety Achievement LLC we know that sometimes 15/30 min. training meeting is simply not enough to meet current OSHA requirements,or to help your
    employees in the implementation of a new safety program, procedure or achieve company goals. This is why we give our customers the option of having longer
    more effective seminars.
  • VPP (Voluntary Protection Program), SHARP, Cal/VPP Star, Cal/VPP Construction, Golden Gate:
    These are programs designed to recognize employers and their employees who have implemented safety and health programs that effectively prevent and
    control occupational hazards. These programs go beyond minimal Cal/OSHA standards and provide the best feasible protection at the site.
    We can help you apply!
  • OSHA Representation:
    Affordable service, and we have tons of experience representing companies.
    Don't fight alone!

"OSHA's mission is to assure safe and healthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards; very often we forget that the standards enforced by OSHA were, in fact, created by the private sector to improve production and not to create an unfriendly business environment. Now you know why a manufacturing industry in China needed to hire 100 million workers to beat, by a small margin, the production of just 11.5 million US workers."

-Safety Achievement llc


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