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"OSHA's mission is to assure safe and healthful workplaces by setting and enforcing standards; very often we forget that the standards enforced by OSHA were, in fact, created by the private sector to improve production and not to create an unfriendly business environment. Now you know why a manufacturing industry in China needed to hire 100 million workers to beat, by a small margin, the production of just 11.5 million US workers."

-Safety Achievement llc

We know how to handle Cal OSHA's citations.

We can protect your interests!

Safety Achievement LLC's Cal OSHA representation services provides the maximum reduction in fines imposed by Cal OSHA on your current alleged citations. When feasible, every attempt will be made to get the alleged citation items deleted.

We negotiate for you. We handle all the paperwork. We handle all of the responses, yet you make all final decisions!

OSHA citation

Our representation services include:

  • Represent your company with Cal OSHA and attempt to eliminate unjust citations
  • If the citations are justified: We get the maximum penalty reduction.
  • We review the validity of your citations.
  • We help you to be in compliance: Reviewing abatement requirements and assisting in completion of necessary forms.
  • Give you a better understanding of your company's rights.
  • Eliminate the hassle of dealing with OSHA personally.
  • We review of previous citations issued by OSHA and standards to properly represent your interests.
  • Research of Cal OSHA area office history for typical reductions in similar situations.
  • Conduct interviews with management and employees involved in inspection (as needed).
  • Reviewing with OSHA issues that may impact the outcome of your Informal Conference or Contest.
  • Representing your company with OSHA during the closing conference, informal hearing, and contest.

Our Services:

Onsite Compliance Audits.

We will perform a formal documented safety inspection identifying hazards in the workplace.

Available inspections: Workplace safety inspection (form 118), Safety program audit (form 68) and Workplace dynamic safety inspection (form 1).

Employee Safety Training.

English/Spanish safety training

Safety Program

Lockout Tagout Procedures!

For one of the most common citations, we have the solution!

COMVERSA™ Safety Database

Our COMVERSA™ database for Microsoft® Access is an application that you can use keep track of your company safety program records.

Including: employee training records, accident records, safety inspections and documents.

Virtual University

Available to Safety Achievement LLC customers (July 2015)

Do you need an Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

We can help!


Before you order one:

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Employee Certifications

*CPR-AED-First AID training.

*Forklift Certification.

*Boomlift Certification

*Scissorlift Certification

*Confined Space Training

*Sexual Harrassment Training

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