• Our Services
  • On-Site Safety Audit
    One of our experienced safety consultants will
    perform a walkthrough filling out one of our
    exclusive safety audit forms designed to
    detect non-compliance issues.
    Gain Peace of Mind!
    -Detect the most common unsafe conditions
    -Reduce the likeliness of costly citations
    -Detect Employee Training/Certification Needs
    -Detect outdated/missing documentation or permit
    Affordable Services!
  • Affordable Certifications
    All our certification programs are in compliance
    with OSHA/DOSH standards.
    Industrial Truck
    One of the most common citations...

    is having an uncertified employee driving an
    Industrial Truck!
    Respirator Fit Test
    Another common compliance issue.
    Pictured Driver Card!
  • Seminars and formal training
    At Safety Achievement LLC we know that sometimes
    15/30 minute training meeting is simply not
    enough time to meet current OSHA requirements,
    or to help your employees on the implementation of
    a new safety program, procedure or achieve
    company goals. This is why we offer the following

    OSHA Outreach training:
    -10Hrs and 30Hrs for General Industry
    -10Hrs and 30Hrsfor Construction Industry

    Other seminars:
    -Lockout Tagout
    -HazWoper and Hazard Communication
    -Sexual Harassment
    Real OSHA Card!
  • CPR, AED and First Aid
    American Heart Association card
    Hands-on Training
    This training meets current OSHA/DOSH
    Save a Life!
  • Respiratory Training
    It does not matter if your employee is using
    a paper mask or a respirator with cartridges.
    They need to pass a Physical Exam and a
    Mandatory Training
    Plus a fit test. Yes, even though they are using
    paper respirator masks, they need to be
    trained and you must have doctor’s
    authorization BEFORE they start to wear them!
    Is Easy and Affordable!
  • Job Safety Hazard
    To detect behavioral, production
    safety and compliance related
    Lower your Ex-MOD (EMR)!
    Stop bleeding through your insurance rates!
    Stop the damage in you profit margin!
    Smart Move!

"Although safe and healthful working conditions can be justified on a cold dollars-and-cents basis. I prefer to justify them on the basic principle that it is the right thing to do. In discussing safety in industrial operations. I have often heard it stated that the cost of adequate health and safety measures would be prohibitive and that "we can't afford it." My answer to that is quite simple and quite direct. It is this: "If we can't afford safety, we can't afford to be in business."

-Admiral Ben Moreell, President of Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, 1948.

What do we do?

Our Safety Consultants are experts in performing workplace OSHA Compliance Inspections, Safety Program Evaluations, Employee Training and Certifications.

In other words, on your premises we become that extra set of expert eyes that detect possible accident generators, liabilities and OSHA citations.

Promoting a safety culture

Instead of worrying about what mandatory topic they will cover in the next safety meeting or trying to find what is out of compliance, our consultants keep supervisors and managers focused on production while helping to improve the overall safety enviroment of the worksite.

We keep you informed about the latest regulations and we share our knowledge about the trends in compliance and OSHA inspections.

Our service provides your company with records of the safety inspections and mandatory employee safety trainings we preform. Because of this, we are the best and most afordable option in your efforts to keep the EMR (Experience Modification Rate) under control and improving your company's safety program performance.

The Importance of a Safety Consultation Service

The importance of the presence of a safety consultant in your workplace can be justified just through the cost savings. All unsafe conditions and unsafe acts are sooner or later very costly to companies, since both factors do affect production costs and employee performance

Furthermore, since the early 2000’s, it has become more common that customers, insurance companies, contract owners, etc. want to review business safety records. The increasing safety awareness has made contractors and contract owners evaluate company safety records when deciding with whom they are going to do business with.

OSHA citation/s, a bad safety record, and the consequential high production cost can only adversely affect any company's ability to obtain a contract.

Outsourcing a Safety Compliance Service helps your company to:

  • Focus management on company's core strengths

  • Lower costs while adding a professional/s to your team

  • Keep compliance issues under control

  • Sends the right message to the work force: "Safety Matters"

  • Helps to lower Workers Compensation Insurance Cost

About our services:

Due to our affordability and professionalism, (and probably our good looks) 90% of our clients have chosen our monthly services to keep their employees trained and maintain an up-to-date safety inspections record.

Since we have monthly, bimonthly, quarterly and upon request services; you choose which one best fits your company goals.

Safety Achievement LLC is a safety compliance consultation firm located in Southern California. Which means that we cover Ventura, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside and San Diego County. If your business is in Kern or Santa Barbara County, please contact us we are very sure that we can arrange a visit.

Thank you! And welcome to the Safety Achievement LLC website!


Our Services:

Onsite Compliance Audits.

We will perform a formal documented safety inspection identifying hazards in the workplace.

Available inspections: Workplace safety inspection (form 118), Safety program audit (form 68) and Workplace dynamic safety inspection (form 1).

Employee Safety Training.

English/Spanish safety training

Safety Program

Lockout Tagout Procedures!

For one of the most common citations, we have the solution!

COMVERSA™ Safety Database

Our COMVERSA™ database for Microsoft® Access is an application that you can use keep track of your company safety program records.

Including: employee training records, accident records, safety inspections and documents.

Virtual University

Available to Safety Achievement LLC customers (July 2015)

Do you need an Injury and Illness Prevention Program?

We can help!


Before you order one:

Please read our FAQ note

Got Citations?

OSHA Representation Service

Affordable profesional service.

OSHA citation

We have successfully represented several companies and helped them reduce and/or remove their citations.

Employee Certifications

*CPR-AED-First AID training.

*Forklift Certification.

*Boomlift Certification

*Scissorlift Certification

*Confined Space Training

*Sexual Harrassment Training

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Online Audit Services

Comming in 2016!

Virtual University

A Contractor or Subcontractor can damage your business with their bad safety record.

Don't expose your company to an unwanted OSHA inspection because your contractor is an OSHA target.